Charley Stadler

Worldly acclaimed and multi-award winning Director

Work by director


German born Charley Stadler initially studied visual communications and psychology, earning a Masters Degree, but decided to pursue fashion photography in LA.

Learning his photographic skills was a eventful road. His talent was obvious and eventually led to Stadler shooting campaigns for fashion magazines and brands like Elle, Vogue, Max and Diesel.

Through his impressive work he evolved and transitioned into commercial directing. Since then he has directed nurmerous commercials, including global campaigns for Allianz, Toyota, Snickers, McDonalds, Ford, Honda, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Chupa Chups, and Smart.

In 2005, Stadler directed/co-wrote his first feature film, “Dead Fish” starring Oscar nominees Gary Oldman, Terence Stamp, Robert Carlyle and Elena Anaya. In addition, he has produced and written two albums, Soulmate Sublime and Portraits, and did a musical/visual collaboration with DJ Kalkbrenner for which we won a Gold Record from BMG in 2016.

Charley Stadler has won more than 100 international awards, including N.Y. Festivals, London Int’L Awards, Cannes, Bessies Canada, Icad Ireland; Mobius, Epica, Montreux, and Art Directors Club Swiss. In 2017 his work for Credit Bank Of Moscow was awarded best viral commercial of 2016 (branded content).

Last but not least, Charley Stadler was listed the 37th best commercial director in the world by Filestage in 2016.

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