Jesper Skoubølling

Award-winning Director

Work by director


Jesper Skoubølling started out as a photographer, taking pictures for numerous magazines, album covers and advertising campaigns.

He gradually transitioned into directing music videos and commercials revealing his amazing talent as a visual storyteller as well as for directing people.

Skoubølling has worked with celebrities like Snoop, Erykah Badu, and Michael Ballack.

In 2012, he won an award for “Best Experimental Film” at Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival for his short film “The Director”.

In 2014, he worked at Nordisk Film as a screenwriter and director on the Danish tv-show “BFF” for TV2 Zulu.

Subsequently he wrote and directed his short film “X”, which picked up attention on film festivals world wide.

“Nice International Film Fest 2016”
Best Original Screenplay of a Short Film.

“Action on Film”:
Best Action Short of the Year.
Best Action Sequence Martial Arts in a Short.

“Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival 2016”
Award of Recognition.

“Accolade Global Film Competition 2016”
Award of Merit: Film Short
Award of Merit: Actor: Leading (Xaver Hutter)
Award of Merit: Script / Writer (Jesper Skouboelling)
Award of Merit: Cinematography (Andrew Grant-Christensen)

“International Independent Film Awards 2016”
Platinum winner for Directing and Narrative Short.
Diamond winner for Leading Role and Cinematography.

“Action On Film” / Best Director
“Nice International Film Fest” / Best Short / Best Actor

“Los Angeles Lift Off Film Festival Online 2016”
“European Short Film Festival 2016”
“Berlin Short Film Festival 2016”

In 2017 he wrote and directed “Stereo“ a musical art project know as “A Sound of a GunShot” together with the provocative artist Marco Evaristti, that has won numerous prices all over Europe in 2017/2018.

His commercial work includes clients as Mercedes Benz, VW, COOP, Jack & Jones, Coca Cola, Dong, Hiper, The Danish Cancer Association to name a few.

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