Laurence Thrush

Director and creative writer

Work by director


The result of an unplanned pregnancy, Laurence was the youngest of four siblings. Growing up consuming the films and TV that his older brothers were watching, Laurence had seen every violent, scary, and ultra violent R rated movie while his schoolmates were still on E.T. and Sesame Street. Quickly realizing that the ONLY advantage he had over his more academically gifted, more athletic schoolmates was cinematic literacy – Laurence decided to try and squeeze a career out this.

At 15 Laurence started working as an assistant editor for Peter Goddard, the best editor in the country and Tony Kaye’s closest creative collaborator. Inspired by the authenticity and emotional quality of Tony Kaye’s work and seeing how stories are put together in the cutting room gave Laurence a strong basis in film grammar and cinema language and he soon started to shoot and
edit music videos and documentaries.

His first commercial won him the Best New Director award at the London International Advertising Awards and ever since work that he has shot for clients such as ESPN, HP, AMSTEL LIGHT,
McDONALDS and MASTERCARD have won awards at the CLIOs and Cannes. His visual style is simple and elegant, finding everyday moments but capturing them poetically. Preferring to work with non-actors, whether in documentary or narrative based mediums, he uncovers authentic human moments and interactions.

Laurence is currently in post production on his third documentary feature, A DIFFERENT LIGHT, his previous films have been screened in competition at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, ROTTERDAM and MILAN.

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