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+++ is a collaboration between Emil Dam Seidel, Kristoffer Engholm Aabo and Steffen Johansen, who, as a creative team, has developed and directed commercials and music videos around the world.

In working together on several film projects, and in heated debates about junk in the media, they noticed their similar approach to the creative process and their shared taste in films, thus deciding to join forces in what became a colorful combination of the three: +++

With each of them bringing a unique mindset and years of experience in filmmaking and creative experimentation; the Creative Director, Director of Photography and Film Director have developed a space in which their intertwined skills in writing, storytelling and visual narratives creates a fresh and complete cinematic style that lifts the bar for their outputs. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, as they say.

Steffen Johansen is a trained creative and has since 2013, besides his work with +++, worked with concept development and project management for cultural studios such as Art Rebels and festivals like Strøm and Roskilde Festival.

Kristoffer Engholm Aabo is a cinematographer with a background in Danish and international music videos. In recent years he has used his capacity as a director of photography to tell visual stories on fictional projects such as TV series for, among others, Danish Broadcasting Corporation, as well as on commercials.

Emil Dam Seidel is a director with a theater background, and has since 2013 worked as an Assistant Director on numerous Danish and international feature films, TV series as well as commercials with internationally recognised directors. In recent years he has directed commercials and music videos for brands and artists, as well as developed concepts and stories for the likes of Lego and Nivea.

The trio began writing, shooting and directing music videos together in 2016, which quickly caught the attention of esteemed brands, leading to content development and commercial work for, amongst others, Red Bull, Nivea, and Triumph.

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