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We are a tight knit group of friends, Kristoffer, Emil & Steffen — who share a passion for emotionally engaging stories that change the way we feel or think – even if just a tiny bit.

We started off by creating music videos and creative concepts with artists and musicians we love and respect. 

This eventually got us into working with brands and campaigns, giving us the opportunity to engage with an even bigger variety of insanely inspiring and talented people. 

Through these adventures, we have found our very own way of doing things. 

We work in a flat structure with a space for each of us to bring our unique skill set to the table – and we welcome the input of others.

We deal with real characters overcoming relatable struggles in honest moments – and we’re always on the lookout for that split second that makes the story feel larger than life.

We are forever curious and value diversity and differences – which is probably why we’ve ended up in three different cities; Copenhagen, Lillehammer and London.


Who are we then?

Director, Emil Dam Seidel… 

Working with film is much more than a job to me. It is a way to connect with people and explore the struggles and joys we face in life.

I grew up believing I was gonna be a rockstar [read: I was sure of it], but in my early twenties I got my hands on a film camera and my creative horizon suddenly expanded.

Music, acting, writing, photography, philosophy, dance, poetry, art, science, people – filmmaking combines them and allows me to immerse in them all!

So… After spending a few years working as an assistant director while exploring my own style and method on smaller projects on the side – the only natural next step was to leap into my own creative vision; to connect people through stories that gives them courage for their lives.


Concept Developer & Creative, Steff Johs… 

I get a real kick out of problem solving – in all shapes and forms; murder mysteries, rock climbing, puzzles, you name it. I love the feeling of melting something seemingly complex and overwhelming into a straightforward and emotional punch in the gut. 

Contemplating and developing ideas gives me the same feeling.  

I grew up in the sleepy streets of Northern Denmark, so the underground music scene was my wormhole into the world – which is why I now work hard to tell stories that inspire and have some sort of social impact. 

This journey has taken me through social clubs, festivals, creative studios… all the way to London. 

I like to think that I bring life to ideas by bringing ideas to life. Poetic, huh?


Cinematographer, Kristoffer Engholm Aabo… 

My mom took me to art cinema screenings every weekend during my childhood. I was baffled by what I met on the screen: amazing experiences happening to inspiring people in colorful places.

These films inspired me to dive into the unknown, travel to meet people of different cultures – and I started shooting documentaries. In my early career curiosity and courage became pillars in my work of bringing people’s stories to life. 

I have brought this curiosity and courage into my fictional and commercial work to ensure emotional impact. This will always be my first priority.

Being a director of photography I’m having a blast, creatively challenged and living life to its fullest.
I love the combination of being an impulsive artist and a skilful technician translating emotion into tangible imagery.

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